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Welcome to Sally's Mama...=)

Why Sally's Mama??sound funny right?
Just bcos all the goodies here are hand made by my mommy..
so,they have their quality and wont be same as others...
the price maybe slightly higher but i believe that it is worth for a hand-making good right??
Trust me babe...all of them are customized by my mommy,u wont be find any same out from here..IS THE ONLY ONE babe and guaranteed wont be regret if u've buy any from here...*geehee*
Have a nice shopping babe..=)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kiki plainy

Item code: SM 18
Size: 42cm x 49 cm
Material: Quality thick cotton
Price: RM45
Status: Available

Joane hand bag

Item code: SM 17
Size: 20cm x 21cm
Material: Quality thick cotton
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD OUT

Helena Stripey

Item code: SM16
Size: 42cm x 49 cm
Remarks: comes with the mini coin purse
Material: Quality thick cotton
Price: RM55
Status: Available

Jojo checkies

Item code: SM15
Size: 42cm x 49cm
Remarks: comes with the mini coin purse
Material: Quality Thick Cotton
Price: RM 55
Status: sold out

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Helen bag

Item code: SM 14
Size: 14cm x 13cm
Description: a multi-usage bag...it is just the right size to be ur sanitary pad holder..so next time u dun need to bring ur big bag to toilet alr right??
Price: RM 30 *very good in material
Status: sold out

Jojo bag

Item code: SM 13
Size: 17cm x 4cm x 11cm
Description: This piece is the longer piece...it can be ur purse that just keeping $ and cards, it also can be used as ur cosmetic pouch...the lenght is just enough for u to keep the mascara..=)
Price: RM65
Status: sold out

Yen bag

Item code: SM 10
Size: Round shape at the bottom, 11cm in diameter
Description: Ruffle purse...havent u see it before?u can keep ur lil goodies like earing or other assesories..so nice and convenience..=)
Price: RM 30
status: sold out

Mindy Bag

Item code: SM 09
Size: 28cm x 25cm x 20cm
Description: Cannot deny that how creative my mommy is...u can use it anyway u want...i just love the red ribbon that she match...nice..=)
Price: RM30
status: sold out

Jolin Bag

Item code: SM 08
Size for hand bag: 26cm x 20cm
coin purse: 13cm x 10cm
Description: babe...trust me...this set is really a nice set..u cant find anywhere but here...grab it now..=)
Price: RM130 for both
status: sold out

Junie Bag

Item code: SM 07
Size: 25cm x 27cm
Description: owh...how unique in the shape babe...steal..=)
Price: RM55
status: sold out

helena Bag

Item code: SM 06
Size: 33cm x 26cm
Description: This piece is difference babe...the holder is longer and just nice with the flower design...must grab it babe...
Price: RM65

Status: SOLD OUT

Kelly Bag

Item code: SM 05
Size: 36cm x 31cm
Price: RM65
Status: Sold out

Hana Bag

Item code: SM 04
Size: 34 cm x 26 cm
Description: Patchwork is so trendy now....can u resist the combination of them??definitely no right??
Price: RM65
Status: Sold out

Lily coin purse

Item code: SM 03
Size: 13cm x 3cm x 12 cm
Price: RM 40
Status: Sold out

Gina Coin Purse

Item code: SM 02
Desription: Pink pouch is owes girl's love right?based in checkered printed and without any complicated design...how nice??can be ur hp holder as well..=)
Size: 14cm x 3cm x 10cm
Price: RM30
Status: Sold out